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fraud on the Internet

There is a new form of fraud on the Internet. On sites like www.portugalmovel.com, to have access needs install a file (logo.exe). This file when activated, replaces the usual telephone connection used (Clix, IOL, Netc, Telepac, Oni, etc.). By another connection that is made by the "modest" amount of $659 per minute. And if you do not realize is that no longer connect to your server at the usual $2 per minute. This is serious given that nobody is aware of anything until the bill of the phone. And the more outrageous is that the program tries to connect to the Internet constantly, so if someone just abandon the connection, can not imagine that the computer will turn on, getting to spend $659 per minute. It is good that this is common knowledge to prevent fraudsters take advantage of people that actually work. To aggravate the situation, to ask more information via email provided on the page (info@portugalmovel.com) is not valid and will be returned by Mail Delivery Subsystem (MAILER-DAEMON@ns.loveball.com). This email address is associated with sites of pornography (even if they could confirm www.loveball.com) where the system of fraud through the downloading of a file to give access to "information" is enabled. Here the fraud works even more lying, because the user is told that to enter the rooms, video chat, you must first download a free pluggin!

B i T L o o K

-Sometimes a simple play, gives us some unexpected results,and then when we realise is already moving!
However, I'll realy like to hearing you all with suggestions and ideas for cases less correctes by my own because i'm just only and only 1 more beginer! to you all.
If you have any idea contact us.
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